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Published on June 15, 2011 By pacov In Forum Issues

So, I made a few posts today at work and I was surprised to see no comments after some time - usually I'm gibbering back and forth with someone anyway.  It seems that some sort of new segmentation is now happening with posts (at least for me). 

Take a look at this post:

Now look at it again through

In the past, I could view the forums through either of those links.  Instead, now its like I created 1 thread and there are more or less 2 unique threads going.  If you see, the impulsedriven one that I've been commenting to today has completely different replies than the one on 


on Jun 15, 2011


on Jun 15, 2011

My guess is that has to do with the sale of Impulse to Gamestop. The cross-login for doesn't seem to be working any more. 

on Jun 15, 2011

You can find more information on this here:

on Jun 15, 2011

The Impulse website and forum are now independently running on GameStop's servers as of today's maintenance; they're no longer part of the Stardock forum network. See here for more info.

on Jun 15, 2011

Looks like transition cleanup is still underway. At the moment, Dewie is still sporting a Stardock Support banner under his/her forum pic at the impulsedriven site.

on Jun 15, 2011


Bah humbug.