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Published on April 14, 2012 By pacov In PC Gaming

I'm streaming a bit tonight.  Check it out if you like.  Nothing super exciting, but you can probably watch me either do well or fail.

Note - not for profit or any such rot - just figured out how to stream

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on Apr 15, 2012

Done - night!

on Apr 16, 2012

streaming in about 5 minutes.  duo with krax

on Apr 16, 2012

playing another with karl/krdax.  streaming.

on Apr 17, 2012

So, last night I had some issues while streaming where my damn pc overheated... end up dropping frame rates after broadcasting for about 2 hours and then enjoying the exciting sound of my pc speaker beeping up a storm.  Anyway, methinks I'm going to have to revamp things a little before I try to broadcast again.  I might just do some basic tweaks to get back up and running as I might be giving someone a guided tutorial in game and using voice chat that might be a good broadcast.  I'll post an update here if that tutorial is going down and at what time.  Thinking around 7PM EST if that works for the fella that was interested.