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Published on June 13, 2012 By pacov In Forum Issues

I'm generally not one to bitch about such things, but please look at the following picture. I'm sure you can agree that the ads are a little bit of overkill.  Could we either have them immediately following the OP or at the end of the replies?  Eg not both?

I'm a fan of you folks advertising on your site (I mean, duh), but I'm not a fan of ridiculous overkill...which is what this comes across to me as (eg annoying).  I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me if you are active on the forums.  If you want to reach folks that post on the forums  a lot, then an ad after the last post is best (though annoying).  If you just want to throw out some info to folks that read the op and move along, then after the OP is best.  I think after the OP is the best call.  Thanks!

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on Jun 13, 2012

I used Ad Block Plus and just had to define a custom add blocker filters for the forum threads. I probably would have never installed an add blocker if the adds had not show up in the actual threads.

on Jun 13, 2012

comes with a handy 'Block an ad on this page' wizard,

Did someone  need a handy Wizard?  .....oh,... wait. Nevermind.

on Jun 13, 2012

Subscribers don't get ads.

on Jun 13, 2012

Subscribers don't get ads.

This is true, but what else would a gamer get with a WC subscription?  More than likely they are not interested in desktop custmizing software and skins.

I'm not a gamer, so I have reasons for a WC subscription and have one.

Just wondering. 

on Jun 13, 2012

Huh, this is the first I'm seeing of in-thread ads. Do Stardock Gold accounts just not display them or what?

on Jun 13, 2012

If you wear the special SD glasses, you can see them in 4D!

on Jun 13, 2012

The Wizard is loose.

on Jun 13, 2012 


Food for thought....

on Jun 13, 2012

I just want to throw this simple concept out again (and then lock this thread as I didn't really want an "I hate ads" thread).  My complaint is simply about overkill.  My 1st few posts covered that 2 of the exact same banner ads spammed is a bit over the top.  Neil chimed in and said that having 2 of them was not the intention and was an oversight.  My complaint is resolved. 

I have no problem, whatsoever, with SD advertising on their sites.  And even if I did, it would be silly for me to bitch about that as its their sites.  My only problem was just the accidental overdoing of it by spamming the same ad over and over.  I'm happy to hear to about SD products that I might have missed as long as its not jammed down my throat.  And if you hate this sort of thing, then you can use ad blocker to kill em off.  Anyway, my take (which seems to be clearly understood) is that we don't need to see the same ad over and over (eg I make one post and there is the ad immediately before and after my post).  I'm personally cool with seeing a SD ad in every thread.  Thanks again for the response Neil. 

edit - and last I checked - this currently seems to be resolved (I only see 1 ad now - thanks!)


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