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Update 5/25/2017

  • This thread is all done.  I've lost interest in jibba jibbing here, but its been fun.  Thanks for all the memories.  
  • I am streaming from time to time on twitch - generally just when I'm trying hard in ranked though.  If interested, you can check that out here:

Well, I started a thread back in Dec 2011 that’s seen a lot of activity (some 922,000 views over the course of a few years apparently...).  That thread had a good deal of tips/strategies/discussions about League of Legends from new and old players alike.  You can find the previous thread (now archived) here:  I think its time to start fresh with a new thread.

What’s this thread all about?
For those that followed the previous thread, the type of content you see here will be fairly consistent to what you are used to.  Please consider this a place to discuss LoL related content as you like.  I'll do the same and treat the thread as a blog as well where I talk about what’s going on with me in LoL.  Feel free to jump in and join the discussion if you like.

Quick background on me
I played a lot of Demigod as pacov/cheesuscrust. Back in August 2011, I started getting heavily involved in League of Legends, and folks from the community were kind enough to help me figure things out.  I play LoL most nights, stream, make videos and it’s my main gaming interest.

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on Feb 07, 2017

So I've been on a KASS-uh-Dhin binge lately.  Enjoying him primarily out of mid.  Biggest reason I'm enjoying him is that I believe he's a decent counter to the current lethality stuff.  

I got very interested after I number 1 rated (per lolskill) Kassadin player from NA made this post and discussed his build/playstyle (I thought he was a challenger player but he's actually D2 atm).

Anyway, I tried out his build and worked through the concept and I get what he's out to do.  Starting there, then I started to watch current high elo games/streams from challenger level players to see what they do and why... which led me to a few vids from voyboy/valkrin.  Voy plays much more assassin oriented (rarely if ever rod of ages) but gets the Hextech-glp800 pretty much as core.  That's something I'm doing as well.  

Here's voy's in case you are interested and want to see what he's doing:

Here's a few full games by voy

Last - here's a vid valkrin made that covers a more tank build and his reasoning.  10 min vid