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I'm just curious to hear where everyone else is at with this is.

I'm fortunate enough to live in an area where I have access to Wide Open West and Insight as dueling cable providers.  I was paying about 130 a month with wow for 2 cable cards, phone, and their 2nd highest level internet (along with showtime/stars). 

I called insight and they quoted me a low price of like 109.  I thought, hey, great deal, I'm in.  But by the time she finished telling me about the add on costs, I was up to $140.  In short, she tricked me a wee bit because she told me it would be $109.  Anyway, I tell her hell no and thanks for your time.

She calls me back 5 minutes later and offers me their highest level phone, they highest level internet, everything in their digital package along with every movie channel except stars.  For $96 a month for a year. 

I oddly agree.  2 days later, I've got someone installing all the hardware.  Anyway, I'm pretty confident that I've snagged a really solid deal (at least for a year before I switch back to wow to negotiate lower rates). 

Anyway, just curious how everyone else out there is doing/how much are you paying for what. 

on Apr 09, 2011


on Apr 09, 2011

Currently it's $40 a month for 5 GB, 6 Mbps (usually about 3 Mbps though) with a 200 ms response time. (Verizon, mostly just me)

When I was living at my apartment last year, it was $35 for an 8 Mbps landline. (Charter, split between 2 people)

The apartment before that it was $50 for a 15 Mbps landline (AT&T, split between 4 people). 


I haven't paid for cable tv ever since I just consume via the internet (at school now). I also don't pay for a landline phone, I'm tacked onto my parent's "family plan" which is $12 a month for 50 texts, and a shared pool of 900 minutes, free after 5pm on weekends (none of us use our phones much). 

on Apr 09, 2011

~$40 for 7mbps internet and a low-level cable package. Though I don't watch TV myself...


on Apr 09, 2011

Guess I'm also curious how many folks are just getting internet only. 

on Apr 09, 2011

$70 for 7mb and local channels only. Gotta love those cable monopolies.

on Apr 09, 2011

Gotta love those cable monopolies.

No kidding... anywhere I hear about that has only 1 cable provider... well, folks generally get gouged.  Folks on the other side of town from me only have access to time warner as a provider... and those folks aren't exactly getting good deals. 

on Apr 09, 2011

ya... I only have access to time warner as far as I know.  $50 / mo, internet only.. 15 Mbps down, .5 Mbps up.  Although, just recently made a deal w/ a neighbor to hookup a wireless router for him.. so currently I'm only paying $25 / mo same service.  He doesn't use very much bandwidth and I don't notice him (I'm still using land line).

on Apr 11, 2011

cca 18 EUROs for 2 Mbit DSL

on Apr 11, 2011

They have dueling (Cable vs FIOS) $99 packages for the triple play.  But after you add anything into it, it starts to get pricey.  I have 35mb up and down for Internet, the Showtime/Starz premium package on cable, and 6 TVs (up from 3).  So that was $170 (before taxes and fees).

It was a 2 year deal.  Due to changing circumstances, I am dropping phone when the contract period is over (who needs it with unlimited Cell?).  I am seriously thinking of dropping cable as well since Streaming Internet is as good (we rarely watch anything live).