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Published on December 18, 2011 By pacov In PC Gaming

Just thought I'd get this going and then weigh in sometime soon.  I picked it up and, so far, absolutely love it.  My first character is a Sith Juggernaut Warrior.  I love how its really story driven and the huge amount of voice acting.  I also dig how crafting is setup.  Anyway, all the time I'm going to put into this post for now... back to playing

Thought I'd update this with some useful info instead of having to dig through the thread.

Clan info, servers, etc.

Many of us are on the Kass City server - includes many SD staffers + folks from the community

  • pacov (pacov)- Bounty Hunter - mercenary (dps) - level 50
  • pewpewpacov - Imperial Agent - sniper (dps) - level 30ish
  • ryat (ryat) - Bounty Hunter - power tech
  • carbon (Ryden) - Sith Assassin
  • seamw (Ahblaka) - imperial agent

Ryat has several other character on Hyperspace Cannon server:

Ryat - Sentinel
Ryata - Gunslinger
Tayme - Sage
Zachy - Commando


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on Dec 18, 2011


on Dec 18, 2011

Went Jedi Sentinel. Am loving it as well. What is nice is that its my first MMO so when people tell me its just like WOW I go meh don't care, never played it never will.

on Dec 19, 2011

Yeah - I played WoW for a little bit.  To say the least, it was no where near as immersive for me.  In that game, I found myself often just blowing through many of the quests without reading them.  With SWTOR, its really easy to get sucked up into the story as you are constantly making decisions and participating in the story in a meaningful way. 

Getting into a group when I needed to was super easy as well.  There was no waiting around.  Just happened to be someone else looking for a teammate to go after the harder areas immediately. 

After level 10, you can queue up for PvP warzones or something to that effect.  This took me and like 39 other people or so to a capture the flag/control sort of map where we fought for control on the ground of AA canons that were trying to destroy either a rebel or imperial ship. 


Random question - so, my juggernaut sith warrior can apparently have a shield going for him.  I now have an item that appears to be a shield, but I have no idea how to turn it on.  What else do I need to make it work?  Thanks.

on Dec 19, 2011

My opinion so far is that the leveling experience is very solid. I'm looking forward to reaching higher up with all the "good stuff". A few of the animations are a bit silly, a bit too "flashy", like they're on a stage. It works better in fantasy games, imho, but it seems a bit silly in a sci-fi universe.

on Dec 19, 2011

I will be online soon as I am getting this for Christmas.  It was hard for me not to turn it on since I had early access, but if my kids saw me playing the game they were getting me for a present they would be crushed, so I've had to wait.     We should start a stardock clan, Elemental clan...something.

on Dec 19, 2011

Very entertaining and does some things much better than WoW.


It's the only game I have right now that's totally ripping me away from my regular daily helping of Demigod.

on Dec 19, 2011

My opinion so far is that the leveling experience is very solid.

At lower levels it's great, though I'm finding that as you get up higher, the variety thins and there tend to be more quests that amount to "slog through this unbelievably large palace full of mobs to your goal, then come back" type quests.

on Dec 19, 2011

I like this game a lot.  I'm up to level 25 after having played way too much this weekend.  Jedi Guardian feels a bit weak, but still isn't too hard, so its all good.

on Dec 19, 2011

Love the game so far, up to level 23 with my Commando Medic.  The mazes to get Datacrons are both frustrating and hilarious at times, I fell 6 times trying to get one today.


on Dec 19, 2011

My Sith Marauder is leveling up nicely. Just hit level 19 before the downtime this evening.

on Dec 19, 2011

Stinking downtime... long day of traveling and was hoping to get some game time in before bed.  ah well...

on Dec 20, 2011

My Sith Assassin is around level 22 or so.  One thing though I noticed, healers are in high demand.


on Dec 20, 2011

Yeah - I might have to make a healer before too long.  I was lucky enough to get into a group that had a healer during my 1st group quest.   I was me (tank), healer, and an assassin.  Getting those heals on my made a huge difference allowing me to stay in the mix longer.  Hopefully that's a little less of an issue as soon as I learn how to use shields.  Oh well - was certainly a big help to have the heals. 

My dark side warrior juggernaut is about level 13 or so.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to keep on moving up today. 

on Dec 20, 2011

Seriously, though - does anyone know how to make shields work on your characters?  My juggernaut class is supposed to have a shield that he can use.  I believe I have the right item, but no idea how to turn it on.  Odds are its something simple, but I haven't figured it out yet.. and it would be exceptionally useful as its a bit of the reason for my class.

on Dec 20, 2011

The shield is just a proc, isnt it?  As in you equip it, and it procs every once in a while automatically.  By default shields are pretty crappy - 5% proc at 20% is only a 1% overall damage reduction.   But with skills the shielding effect becomes substantial.