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Warhammer 40K: Space Marine $12.50 - registers on Steam

I've been waiting for a good deal on this one and it has arrived.  Just saw this over at slick deals.  Cheapest price yet.

You can get it a  Site is reputable (only heard good things over on slick deals).  You'll get the serial and can then register that on Steam and download direct from Steam.

Here's a link to the deal:

Here's a link to the thread I found the deal in:

If this is one you are interested in, this is an excellent time to pick it up.

on Jan 04, 2012


on Jan 04, 2012

Great game, easily worth the moneys. The game has a solid campaign, very arcade multiplayer and coop multiplayer called Exterminatus where you face off against harder and harder waves of enemies.


on Jan 04, 2012

So I just ordered this.  Basically you create an account on the greenman site, pay, then you get the serial immediately on screen and in an email receipt (note - I used visa - not sure if paypal is different).  When you get your code, fire up steam.  In the bottom left hand corner, click on add a game.... then activate a product on steam... then just paste in your code.  Boom.  It's registered and you can start downloading.  It comes in at around 7 gig.