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April 7, 2012 by pacov
Just saw this and immediately got it.  Here's a link to where I saw the deal. Here's a link to the deal itself -
November 24, 2011 by pacov
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there in SD land!  I hope everyone has safe travels and has some great time with your families today!
April 9, 2011 by pacov
I'm just curious to hear where everyone else is at with this is. I'm fortunate enough to live in an area where I have access to Wide Open West and Insight as dueling cable providers.  I was paying about 130 a month with wow for 2 cable cards, phone, and their 2nd highest level internet (along with showtime/stars).  I called insight and they quoted me a low price of like 109.  I thought, hey, great deal, I'm in.  But by the time she finished telling me about ...
January 13, 2011 by pacov
OK guys - I'm going to provide you with simple 1 liner (something you prob won't find on Google) and I want you to tell me where its from (if you want to play, of course).  I'll provide more clues. Clue 1 - black kimono with something that looks like flames. Clue 2 - "There are tales that are told many times..  One tale is only ever told once."Clue 3 - also crappy and difficult:  "Well, I'll be back in my realm then."Clue 4 - written in the late 80's through early 90's. Clue 5 ...
July 7, 2010 by pacov
I recently attempted to update my PS3 to the latest version as required by sony for online blahblah.  The update failed and now I receive error code 8002F147.  I've gone through Sony's tongue in cheek joke they call troubleshooting (unplug the unit, wait a few minutes, then boot up again) but still get the error code.  I found a guide that indicated how to boot into safe mode (essentially holding the power button through a cycle of beeps), but I can't get to the menu.&...
October 27, 2009 by pacov
If you are from the DG community and picked up or are planning on picking up borderlands on PC AND would like to play some co-op, send me a PM or add yourself to this thread.  I picked the game up today.  So far, me and trouser will be playing but adding a couple more people sounds great.  I'm planning on starting to play tonight (10/27).  I'll still be playing DG, but think this game will be some fun.